Q-Anon (and the mad dash to explain it)

I’ve been tracking news headlines pretty closely ever since the recent allegations made by Issac Kappy, with an interest in seeing what (if anything) “pops up”.  Of note, is the fact that several major media news outlets have just released articles- most within the past few hours – endeavoring to break down the Q-Anon phenomenon and how its influence amongst right-wing conspiracy theorists has now emerged into the mainstream.  I, myself, only learned of Q-Anon over the past couple of days.  I’d never heard of it until Isaac Kappy made references on YouTube and Twitter.  Evidently it’s been around since March of 2018 (but another article I read gave a conflicting inception date of October 2017) and has gained quite a following.  I’ve linked 9 articles below, which I found amongst mainstream media outlets for anyone interested in reading them at length.

They all essentially posit that Q-Anon is fringe, yet dangerous, due to the fact that some followers may take violent action in response to the information put forth by “Q” (an anonymous user/s) on the forum.  The real life example provided was an incident near the Hoover Dam, during which an armed man blocked a highway, demanding the release of a government report pertaining to the Clinton email probe. (CNN covered it here: https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/15/us/hoover-dam/index.html) . What I find interesting about that particular CNN article is that there is no mention anywhere of the Q-Anon factor, and how it was an influence in the incident. This is a pretty glaring oversight of a rather important piece of information.  That incident took place well over a month ago and to my knowledge there have been no reported incidents since linked to Q-Anon… until the recent Kappy allegations.  But interestingly none of the 9 articles linked below mention Kappy by name.  Instead, they make general references to pedophilia hysteria and assert that certain claims have been put forth amongst Q-Anon followers along the lines of Pizzagate absurdity.  One might expect these major news outlets to mention Kappy by name, but they are curiously silent.  It’s odd that the Hoover dam incident, which took place over a month ago, generated no Q-Anon buzz in the media, but (from the looks of it and barring an incredible coincidence in timing) the Kappy allegations have – all while managing to leave any mention of Kappy himself out of the equation.  It seems the only media outlets mentioning Kappy by name are the likes of TMZ and Movieweb.

Either way, the outcome of the Isaac Kappy affair is downright grim.  If indeed he is telling the truth, horrific things of the reality-rending sort are happening daily – particularly at the highest echelons of power and society.  If he is not telling the truth, the implications are certainly just as terrible, as his claims are convincing enough that were they eventually proven to be false, it would only help to perpetuate a scenario in which the public’s trust and support of whistleblowing – on any level, towards any individual – would be absolutely decimated.










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