Isaac Kappy v. Betty Washam

Though I promised to follow up the last post with a final one that would provide the context for Alberto Villoldo Parts 1-3, I find it impossible to hold off on documenting the recent goings-on with the Isaac Kappy story.  Recently, a woman named Betty Washam has thrown a bit of a wrench into the works, to put it lightly.  Betty, a self-styled You-Tube journalist, has been a Kappy critic from the get-go and her criticisms have only increased in severity with the passage of time.

When the story broke, Betty conducted a full dissection of Kappy’s Instagram page, for starters.  Understandable enough.  Some of the her criticisms at the time included comments on photos she thought of as distasteful, including (amongst others) a photo of Kappy wearing womens’ makeup (possibly in character for an acting role at the time, or possibly in jest) and another photo of him with a group of friends including Seth and Claire.  In this second photo, Claire and another member of the party are holding skulls in their hands.  Betty pointed this out to her You Tube audience with a measure of disapproval and moved on to the next photo in the Instagram lineup.  The flaw in Betty’s analysis of these photos is that she comments on their perceived distastefulness and uses them to cast doubt on personal character (in this case Kappy’s), but does not dig deeply for more accurate context.  A more thorough digging into the second photo for instance, would have revealed that Isaac and his friends were visiting “Escape Hotel” in Los Angeles, a sort of ‘escape-themed’ entertainment venue.  (You can find out more about it here if curious:  Given the context of this photo, it is not particularly noteworthy that Claire is holding a skull, as it is almost certainly one of the ‘props’ available for ‘hotel-goers’ to take photos with prior to their embarking on their “escape challenge”, as discussed on the previously linked “About” page.  It is this type of reporting that can lead others, who are not inclined to look into such details, astray.  Given the gravity of Isaac’s accusations (and Betty’s accusations against Isaac), these are details which cannot afford to be glossed over.

Lately, Betty has moved on from criticizing the tones of various Instagram photos, to accusations of a much more serious nature.  On August 26th, 2018, she recorded a livestream in excess of seven hours, during which she accused Kappy of outright Satanism and pedophilia.  This livestream (linked below) is a veritable beast to slog through, but I’ve provided a few important highlights.  Please note that much of the content has to do with the dangers of a program/application called “Keybase”, used by some members of Kappy’s group.  To be forthright, I do not at present time of writing know enough about this program to speak intelligently about it, and will therefore refrain from doing so until further and more thorough research can be done.  Meanwhile, a breakdown of the highlights:

  • Approximately 5:27:00 – Betty puts forth the accusation that Issac is a pedophile and a Satanist, and that she had a picture of him holding a Church of Satan certificate, which she now no longer has because it disappeared when one of Isaac’s people hacked her pc and gave out her phone #.

  • At 5:29:47  – Betty states that Kappy planned a 5-way split for money derived from PayPal donations to a sexual abuse victim by the name of Michael Whelan, and that she knows the identity of those 5 individuals.  (Later on she states that the 5 individuals consist of Kappy, Whalen, a sexual and ritual abuse survivor named Fiona Barnett, a former reporter by the name of Liz Crokin and Nathan Stolpman, of “Lift the Veil”).

  • At 5:31:20 – Betty states that evidence for claims listed above will be presented on her channel on Tues., 8.29.18.

  • At 5:34:36 – Betty states that Fiona Barnett did not come out as an SRA survivor until Kappy came out with his story (implying that Fiona and Kappy were working in tandem to plan story releases in order to scam the public via donation requests).  A viewer/listener points out in the comments section that indeed Fiona has been vocal for the past four years.  Betty responds that she is aware of this, directly contradicting her earlier statement.

  • At 5:37:14 – Betty states that Kappy made 80K in 40 minutes on PayPal, and THEN came out and said he didn’t want any money, because he already had it.  No evidence is provided to support this claim, though evidence is promised to be forthcoming on 8.29.18 as indicated above.  (Backdrop: Kappy initially conceived to do a fundraiser shortly after coming out with his story, but then cancelled the effort a couple of hours later after thinking better of it, as he did not want anyone to get the faulty impression that he was using an important cause to scam for money).

  •  At 5:39:00 – States that Kappy is currently friendly with Lloyd Kaufman and a man named Brian Farrow (sp?). Lloyd Kaufman is the owner of a company which produced a low budget flick called “Clown Kamp Massacres”, a film in which Kappy starred several years ago.  At the time of this writing, I am not sure who Brian Farrow is, and will have to conduct further research on this.  No supporting evidence is provided for this claim, however one may assume it will also be forthcoming on 8.29.18.

  • At 5:39:21 – A viewer by the name of Mark Salo writes in the “comments” section of the livestream that according to Forbes magazine, Kappy’s net worth is 500K.  This piece of information not only goes unchallenged by Betty,  but indeed she seems to readily accept the validity of such an unlikely and outlandish claim.  No supporting evidence for the claim was offered.


  • At 5:51:43 – A viewer asks Betty how she can be sure that earlier featured IT Specialist, “Michael”, is trustworthy.  Betty’s verbatim response: “Because there’s things he told to me that you don’t tell to anyone.  He’s never said anything for 30 years. He’s never came out…. His channel that he has is completely different and does not contradict my channel. He even wants to make my shirts with a 3-D printer so that they’re almost embroidered and they’re cheaper than I have them now. He wants to provide the money upfront to buy 1000 or however many and say hashtag ‘save the children’ on the back…. And that’s something you don’t get from anyone. And the testimony that I got from him was….actually I don’t even wanna talk about it.”  This response is in my view, highly insulting of (what I like to think of as) the average person’s intelligence.  At the same time, my emotions are divided between incredulity and a sense of pity.  While “IT Michael” might possibly be sincere in all his comments to Betty and genuinely desirous of helping her out, her listeners should be no means be asked to accept as evidence her subjective view of the situation, and of someone who is essentially a “stranger” to them – especially as he had not, at the time of the broadcast, made good on any of his promises to help her.  Any charlatan could have showered Betty with stories and promises, but until those stories and promises are revealed to be true and fulfilled via strong supporting evidence, it is all just hearsay.

  •  At 5:57:01- This, to me, is one of the lynchpins of the whole affair in terms of Betty’s renewed vitriol towards all things Isaac Kappy – especially as just a day or two prior, the two had a fairly amicable phone call and seemed resolved to put aside any perceived differences.  (Here is a link to that call, if interested in listening:  It is also a lynchpin which I am not sure I fully understand.  Betty makes reference to how her number was “doxxed” (or publicly revealed) by a member of Kappy’s “team”.  She also makes reference to receiving an email from a Kappy associate, asking her to validate her location.  When she clicked on the ip grabber, she received this response: “You are not an ‘anon’.  Anons do not click links”, followed by the word “#hooks”. Given even her telling of it, it seems as though she “doxxed”/”outed” herself by clicking the link, though of course this could certainly have not been her intention.  A question remaining in my mind is, why did the Kappy associate send her an ip grabber in the first place?  Was it simple precaution?  A ‘test’ of sorts, to measure whether or not Betty was indeed an ‘anon’?  Something else?  It seems to me it could have perhaps been a combination of both of these reasons, and more.  However, given the familiarity with Betty’s incendiary nature and animosity towards ‘Team Kappy’, was this not unnecessarily poking the hornet’s nest?  Perhaps Kappy’s associate could have handled the matter more delicately, by providing Betty with fair warning that in order for any contact to be made, she would need to forfeit her ip address.  In this way, the choice would have ultimately lay with her and she would not have been taken by surprise, if her claims are to be believed.

  •  At 6:55:56-  Betty accused Michael Whalen of raping children.  Again, promised supporting evidence as of 8.29.18.

  •  At approx. 7:02:00 – After having just spent hours talking to an IT guy named “Michael” about dangers of Keybase, she refers to him as a ‘guy’ whose name she can’t remember!  The forgetfulness is bizarre, though possibly explained by her oft referred to “brain injury”, the origins of which I know nothing of at the time of this writing.

  •  7:11:47 – Betty talks about getting high.  This in and of itself is not necessarily related to any of her other claims, though it should be obvious to most that marijuana, while perhaps an aid for certain medical ailments, does not do much for clear, logical, functional and sharp thinking or action.  How often she is under the influence, and how this might affect the accuracy of the information she is presenting and the manner in which it is presented, is something one cannot help but wonder.



My takeaway at this point is a combination of incredulity, caution and openness.  Of course, continued observation and analysis is key.  I personally believe, after having listened to and watched hours and hours of Betty’s livestream videos, that her passion for the cause (of saving abused children) is genuine.  Her weaknesses lie in:

  1. Her strong tendency to force bits and pieces of information into the framework of her own pre-conceived narrative, in such a manner as to gloss over important context – context which often changes the picture entirely
  2. Being overly concerned with breaking a story “first” (which is indicative of a ‘me-first’ mentality and distasteful considering the subject serious nature of the subject matter being covered), and
  3. Putting forth statements as fact without providing verification which can be vetted by her listeners.  She is also not always easy to follow, and one must necessarily spend hours and hours of one’s daily time watching her live streams, in order to keep current on her claims.  Not efficient at all.

Kappy, for his part, also seems to be quite genuine in his passion for the very same cause.  His weakness lies in what could be perceived by some as an inappropriately light-hearted demeanor in the face of his claims, especially on his daily periscope chats with followers, aka “famburguesas”.  It is a tight camraderie, with many fam members expressing appreciation for Kappy’s upbeat attitude and optimism in the face of unspeakable crimes against children.  Relevant, daily news headlines (such as the recent arrest of former CDC head in connection with a sexually related crime) are discussed and celebrated by the group.  “We are breaking the matrix!” “It’s all coming out!” are cheers often heard amongst the group.  One might argue that it’s a more productive and effective approach as compared to sitting around in helpless misery.  Detractors would say that Kappy has become a bit of a celebrity himself, which intended or not, overshadows the real issue, namely the sexual abuse of children.  Kappy has gone frequently out of his way to remind his listeners that it’s “not about me”.

What it may come down to for many at the end of the day when deciding who and what to believe in this whole sordid affair, may very simply be a matter of personality.  Betty appeals to a certain type of audience while Kappy appeals to another.  It is tragically unfortunate because the truth and verifiable information DO matter, and so-called cults of personality can serve to cloud an accurate sense of both of these on the part of the viewer/follower/listener.  Would-be leaders of any cause, and those covering their stories, would do well to remember this and be honest enough with themselves to adjust accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Isaac Kappy v. Betty Washam

  1. Who are you and my findings are true about them both. Also they have been crumbling so I don’t know who u are but I have so much on Kappy and he played a murder Pedo on hearts of desire! You opinion is false and I’m contacting my attorney about this article I will give him all the proof! You have 24 hrs to take this bs story down! This is slander in the highest degree!


  2. I’m putting this live on my YouTube, cause I was 100% correct, however who he was involved with I didn’t want to die like him! Re access your story ,cause I was correct and you wanted to believe him so bad, however he knew what was happening to the children for over a yr before I made him famous! I hate myself cause I started with 4 Chan with him then the pool video I put out to thousands of Trump supporters! He had 500 friends the next morning he had 14,000 followers on Twitter, cause I believed him! I started watching he was lying and wanted money to gamble! May God rest his soul if he repented he will be in heaven B.W


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